72 holes in one weekend. For Cancer Research UK

Members of the Lord Warden Lodge would like to express their thanks to Jack and his Cricket Colleagues for the wonderful weekend fundraising. 

Jack’s Great Golf Challenge

72 Holes

16 Hours

2 Days

60,000 Steps

For Cancer Research

CANCER that dreaded word, it seems to be everywhere, affecting those we love, those we work with, and friends.

No one is immune to this deadly disease.

So when Cancer was diagnosed once again for Jack and Daniels’ mother, they both wanted to say thank you to all the nurses and doctors that have helped his mum beat this deadly condition, and support such a worthy charity.

But first, let us go back about a year.

Jack and Daniels’ mother was diagnosed once again with Breast Cancer late 2019, something which she had beaten once before, but this time it had come back with a vengeance. (Jacks mum is a wife and mother of two )

Devastating news coupled with the thought of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy once again, still, staying positive, she beat it once, I’m sure she could do it again.

Then comes Covid-19, so any thought of having close support from family and friends was out of the question. Relying on video conferencing with family and friends helped so much, but it was hard work and at times very lonely.

Treatment thankfully was uninterrupted, and thanks to the fantastic work of the hospitals and staff, the chemo was carried as prescribed.

And, after the hair loss, the Chemo, the metallic taste in the mouth, the sores from treatment, the all-clear was given a few months ago and everyone was elated.

Thank you to all the doctors and Nurses in Crawley.

And so, to the Golf Challenge.

picture of the group of golfers joining Jack for the golf challenge

picture of the group of golfers joining Jack for the golf challenge

A bright morning on the weekend of the 19th September 2020 the group of crickets from Ifield Cricket club assembled for the Great Golf Challenge.

72 Holes of Golf across 2 Days, 16 hours, 60,000 steps walked and an amazing £4,000 raised. 

Members of the Lord Warden Lodge would like to thank Jack and have contributed to his wonderful fundraising effort.

Cancer as we have said affects many people. If you have any doubts, want to talk, get in touch with https://www.cancerresearchuk.org/ Cancer Research.

Cancer and Golf are two topics that always come up when speaking to members of the Lodge, with an aging membership, not that Cancer is an age-related disease, we as a lodge have had a number of members who have had cancer, a few who have sadly passed to the Grand Lodge Above and some who are living with the different types that affect men of all ages.

Golf, on the other hand, is dear to so many in the Lodge, with some of the world’s best courses in and around Walmer and Deal, we are spoilt for choice. From the World Famous Royal St Georges to Princes’s and Walmer and Kingsdown, who have supported the lodge in many events. Playing Golf helps keep up the fitness levels, and with shots going all over the course, social distancing is no problem!!! FORE!

Cancer Research