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Picture of everyone enjoying the afternoon

About Us

The Lord Warden Lodge is located in the sunny seaside town of Deal, Kent.

Sharing the main building with four other local lodges, the Lord Warden Lodge is the only Lodge officially based in Walmer. But uses the Deal “temple” as its home. Meeting every third Tuesday from October to May, come and be a part of the best lodge in Walmer. 

Picture of members gathered for the BBQ having a good time.






Picture of everyone enjoying the afternoon


Join a friendly bunch, and be part of the big family that is Freemasonry. 

Many, many long friendships have started as a result of joining Freemasonry.
With members across all walks of life, and from all age groups, gathering knowledge and discovering your passion, skills, and self. 


Life is about making memories, and Freemasonry is no different. Visiting different lodges across not only East Kent, but across the country, and in rare cases, the World can have such a long-lasting effect.

Meeting like-minded fellow brothers, sharing your experiences, meeting new people.

The photo here is of a visit to the Grand Lodge of England, a conference and evening meal.

Picture of everyone enjoying the afternoon
Picture of everyone enjoying the afternoon


Charity is at the heart of every freemason, help others y giving what they can without detriment to themselves. 
So, it is during annual events like our Ladies Night, that we help to raise money for those who need it most. This can be locally or nationally via dedicated charities. 

The Lord Warden Lodge is itself a registered charity. 


What is life without some “FUN”?
We are no different, with our annual Ladies Night Ball, BBQ’s, Online quiz evenings, there is something for everyone. As they say, the more you put in, the more you getout.

Picture of everyone enjoying the afternoon


Formed on the 28th February 1866, the Lodge Warrant was issued by Command of the Grand Master, Thomas Dundas, Earl of Zetland, KG KT.

Come and be part of over 150 years of tradition and history.
Freemasonry has been around for centuries, with the origins thought to be of those stonemasons who built the cathedrals of old.
With our customs and ceremonies taking lots of references from those times, it is a way of learning so much about a fascinating time.

Want to know more? 

Freemasonry is different for everybody, that’s what makes it so interesting, with a feeling of togetherness, formality, an opportunity to make a difference.

Have a look at our membership site, “Just Ask One” to find out more and to apply, don’t forget to mention that you want to join the Lord Warden Lodge!

Join Us Today. Getting More Done Together.


Secretary, Lord Warden Lodge No 1096,

c/o Masonic Hall, Sondes Road, Deal, Kent