We can’t believe that we only have three meetings to go and that’s the end of another Masonic Year.

A number of Charities have benefitted from the kind donations of the Lodge, all funded by the members.

Some of the Charities that have received donations are as follows:

  • The Deal Memorial Bandstand Trust
  • Talk it Out In Deal
  • A local Scout who is raising funds for Charity
  • A local nurse who is going to Africa to help with her medical skills.
  • The Masonic Charitable Foundation
  • A local Charity for Deaf Children and Parents
  • The Royal Masonic Benevolent Institute
  • Deal Air Cadets

All in All, we have donated over £1000

Here’s the link to Talk it Out in Deal 

The link to the Deal Memorial Bandstand Trust is here

The link to the Deal Air Cadets is here

The link to the MCF is here.

The link to the RMBI is here.