On the 7th of July Megan and Myles set out to walk 693km from Sheffield, along the east coast. That’s over 430 MILES. Raising a fantastic £2670

This was in aid of the British Heart Foundation. There are over 7.6 million people in the UK living with heart disease, that is 1 in 4 dying from heart and circulatory diseases, causing heartbreak on every street.

Sadly, as of August last year her uncle, Simon Baker, lost his fight to heart disease; his final destination will be his memorial bench in Caple-le-Fern.

This is why raising money for the British Heart Foundation is so important to Megan and many others. Every donation will help, so please join me in my journey and help make a difference today.

Although the lodge is like everyone else in lockdown, it doesn’t mean that we are not working behind the scenes to help local and national charities.

So when a young lady asked for some help, the lodge was there to step in.

Megan Woods is currently a student at Sheffield University studying Civil Engineering. She is an active member of the Officers Training Corp at the University that provides military leadership training. She completed her A levels at The Royal Duke of York Military School.

She is 20 years old. Her uncle Simon died very unexpectedly in July 2020. Megan said “My mum and grandparents are grief-stricken, Simon was only 47”. Unfortunately, the pandemic delayed the urgent treatment that Simon required.

The family has placed a memorial bench in the grounds of the Cliff top cafe in Capel.

Megan wanted to further challenge herself physically and mentally with a walk such as this. She regularly completes in army camps and hikes. She enjoys running and walking in the Peak District. She is completing this walk on her own with friends joining her at different legs of the journey. She is going to post regular updates at points along the route.

The Worshipful Master and Members of the Lodge are cheering for Megan, and have donated £150 towards her goal.

What an inspiring couple of young people, come on, give them and the charity your support.

More details about this fantastic charity can be found at https://www.bhf.org.uk/


Hello, thank you so much for everything you and the lodge have done to support the walk. At the time of writing to you, I was doing to walk alone. However, I completed the whole walk with Myles Butler who also does OTC and goes to university in Sheffield. We have as of now raised £2670  Megan Woods. 

Cool Timeline

Cool Timeline

July 27

Day 21 and it’s all over 🙁

Day 21 – and we are done!

It’s hard to believe after 21 days we have completed the walk.

We went through Dover across the white cliffs and into the cliff-top cafe in capel. It’s been an amazing experience and we couldn’t ask for better support from everyone.

Thank you so much.


Well done from everyone

July 26

Day 20


We woke up early to try and escape the rain, however, we still managed to get soaked.

We then made our way back into Sandwich and then onto Deal, Kingsdown, and St Margaret’s.

From there we took the White cliffs of Dover coastal path and arrived at our stop for the night in Dover.

It’s crazy to think we only have tomorrow left and this exhausting journey will be over.

Thank you

Please continue to share and donate

Myles and Megan

Last stop before the finish line


July 24

Day 18

Day 18 – complete  

Walking from Faversham into Whitstable and through to Herne Bay.

Here we stopped for lunch at HatHats coffee shop, a massive thank you to Heather Prichard.

We then pushed onto Birchington, which should have been our final stop.

However, we decided to keep going on.

Margate. Here we met Ciara Jenner for food and a pint.

Thank you

Myles and Megan

A quick stop at a pub for a break.

July 23

Day 17

Day 17 – completed  

After a very early start and lots of encouraging words, we set off. Passing from

Rochester to Sittingbourne and finally stopping in Faversham.

Only 4 more days of walking and this will all be over with!

Thank you

Myles and Megan

Day 17 still in good spirits, not long to go

Day 17 still in good spirits, not long to go

July 22

Day 16 IN KENT

Day 16 – WE’RE IN KENT. 

Another early start saw us walking to the Tilbury ferry exchange in order for us to cross the Thames and into Kent.

Then we stretched ourselves and pushed onto Rochester. Many ice creams have been enjoyed along the way.

Only a few more days now

Myles and Megan x

First night back in Kent

First night back in Kent

July 21

Day 15

Day 15 – week 3 starting  

Today marks 2 full weeks completed of walking and the beginning of our final week. Another early rise this morning, but that didn’t stop the heat today. It was hot from the moment we set off to the moment we finished. Much to my enjoyment, we’re in Billericay ( home of Pam and Mick ).

We have been entertaining ourselves by clinging to hedge lines for shade and reading our books.

Thank you

Megan and Myles x

On our way to Billericay


July 20

Day 14

Day 14- Braintree

After an early start to beat the heat, we have arrived in Essex and are staying in a B and B for the night. We narrowly escaped a thunderstorm, and happily watched the rain from the room. Another lovely dinner, then sat back relaxed. Off for an early night as up early again tomorrow morning.

Thank you

Myles and Megan x

Myles across the bridge first

July 19

Day 13

Day 13 – completed and arrived in Polstead.  

Having had a much-needed rest, we got a couple of miles in around Ipswich and then onto the campsite. Enjoying a lovely dinner and the cooler weather.

Please continue to share and donate x

Megan and Myles

Arrived in Polstead view of some of the building

July 18

Day 12

Day 12

With the blinding heat going up from 22 to 29 degrees today, we have had to stop the walking in order to prevent heat injury and exhaustion. We stopped earlier today and are having a rest day, taking care of our feet and stocking up on medkit items. Very thankful to be in a hotel tonight, out of the heat. We will pick up the walking tomorrow and make up the distance, if not on the next days, after the end date of the walk.

Thank you

Megan and Myles x

New foot supplies, plasters, Socks and Blister Cream

New foot supplies,

July 17

Day 11

Day 11 – done and dusted

An awfully hot day today, traveling yet again, along the coastal path. Having routed ourselves over a bridge, to find it was closed, we then had to pay £4 for the royalty of free movement over an estuary we could throw ourselves across. From then on it was smooth sailing m, but the heat was very intense. We were just glad to be by the sea with the occasional breeze.

It’s safe to say, our tan lines are now horrendous.

Please continue to donate and share.

Myles and Megan x

sitting in the shade having a rest

sitting in the shade having a rest



July 16

Day 10

Day 10 – complete  

Waking up with aches and pains we made our way along the coastal path. Our feet are getting very blistered now but the morale is still high. We passed through Great Yarmouth and ended up in The Hollies Kessingland. Nursing our feet in the sea and having a nice relax on the beachfront.

Hoping tomorrow is cooler and the coastal path actually is solid!

Myles and Megan x


Arrived at Great Yarmouth

Arrived at Great Yarmouth

July 15

Day 9

Day 9 – finally complete  

After a later start to the day, we started our walk along the Norfolk coastal path. Some stunning beaches and sites. The weather was very humid and very strong winds, coupled with many miles being covered made it a challenging day. However, we were lucky enough to see a colony of seals on our way.

After arriving a bit later at the campsite, we made dinner and fell straight asleep.

Thank you

Myles and Megan x

On the beach in front of the seals

The Norfolk Coast and a colony of Seals

July 14

Day 8

Day 8 – reached Cromer. 

A very cold, very windy day walking along the coast and on the beach. A lovely surprise from our friend Isaac Silver, who took us to a lush fish and chips and most importantly provided us with many smiles and laughs, as well as some needed zinc oxide tape. Big thank you to Cromer Camping and their generosity at the campsite.

Set up dinner and reading whilst it’s bubbling away. Heading for an early night and a big day tomorrow.

Megan and Myles

Arrived in Cromer on the East Coast, Megan and Myles standing in the rain

Wet and Windy

July 13

Day 7


After a lovely breakfast at Bircham Windmill campsite and their wonderful generosity of letting us stay, we set off on our way to Wells-next-the-sea. My day was made by seeing loads of cows and llamas, much to Myles’ dispare as I made him stop every time. Upon reaching the village we wandered around the coast and then found a shop to get dinner supplies.

We are now currently sat reading and eating dinner, very happy to have reached the sea.

Please continue to share and donate.

Megan and Myles x

Day 7 eating breakfast

Day 7 eating breakfast

July 12

Day 6

Day 6 – completed.

We have arrived at Great Bircham campsite. Despite the humidity and storms from the get-go

Enjoying a roast dinner, myles sitting at the outside table

Enjoying a roast dinner,

, we have finally made it. Completing 34k in miserable conditions and all uphill. Now time to sit back and relax and play with the animals on the farm.

Myles and Megan x

July 11

Day 5

Day 5 over, off the the pub for football, Megan standing in front of her kit pointing.

Come on England!

July 10

Day 4

Day 4 complete.

Another humid and hot day of walking. After a dry

day 4 photo of Megan and Myles

Megan and Myles

night’s sleep for once, we packed the tent and headed down through Sutterton to walnut lakes camping. Spirits are still high and food is still good.

Please continue to spread the word and the donation links.

Thank you

Megan and myles x

July 9

Day 3

lovely sites of the canal in Lincoln

lovely sites of the canal in Lincoln

Today we walked from Lincoln, along the canal towards woodhall spa. The heat today was immense, and left us feeling very dehydrated. But luckily we were able to refill our bottles and try and get some shade. Eventually making it to the campsite, where we were treated to a lovely pub dinner

Thank you

Please keep liking sharing and donating

Megan and myles x

July 8

Day 2

Day 2

And we have arrived in Lincoln !!

Thank you to Glory Bakyayita for letting us stay the night to dry our kit out.

Spirits still high and feet feeling a little better.

Megan and Myles.

Day 2 at Campsite megan infront of the gate

End of Day 2

July 7

British Heart Foundation walk by Megan and Myles

megan and myles outside front door ready to start

And they are OFF!

British Heart Foundation, East Coast walk is feeling wonderful.

July 7 at 10:19 AM  ·

And we’re off !!