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The Formation of the Lord Warden Lodge No 1096

The information regarding the Formation, Consecration and history of the Lord Warden Lodge is unfortunately incomplete. Due to the insurmountable loss due to War damage of all minute books prior to 1932.
The Lodge does still have a number of important documents and minute books in its possession, and Members Registers from the 21st April 1866. From these emerges the Patten of over 150 years of Masonic History in Walmer.


The petition for the formation of the Lord Warden Lodge was signed by The Master and Wardens of Peace and Harmony Lodge No 199, Dover, and forwarded on the 26th February 1866, to Grand Lodge, with a recommendation by the Provincial Grand Master of Kent, William Archer, Viscount Holmesdale (afterwards 3rd Earl Amherst).

Petitioners                                Lodge No             Age             Residence                            Profession
Robert Douglas                       No 784 Deal            42              Army & Navy Cl. London        Maj. in Army 
Thomas Marrable                    Ireland                     33              Barracks, Walmer.                 Foreman of Works
Josiah Robinson                      784 Deal                  27             South Eastern Bank Deal      Bank Manager
Timothy Morris                         784 Deal                  50             Barracks, Walmer.                 Quarter Master
Carl Liebermann                      784 Deal                 43              Wellington Terrace, Deal,     Gentleman.
William Barlow                         784 Deal                 40              Strand, Walmer                    Paymasters Sergt.
Richard Moss                          555 Fermoy             34             Barracks, Walmer                 Sergt Major.
George Northover                   903 Portsmouth       34             Barracks, Walmer                 Sergt Major.
Thomas James Usher             972 Canterbury       27             Duke St Deal,                       Accountant
Edward Hammond                   784 Deal                 40              Upper Walmer                      Brewers Clerk
John Thomas Outwin               784 Deal                 46             Walmer                                 Stationer
John Smith                              784 Deal                 44             Strand Walmer                     Gentleman
George Lennock                     784 Deal                 36             Palmerston Villas, Walmer,  Gentleman

Lodge Number 784, is the Wellington Lodge, with which we share our current Lodge Building.

The Warrent was issued on the 28th February, 1866 and signed by Command of the Grand Master, Thomas Dundas, Earl of Zetland, KG KT.
The Lodge was allocated the number 1096 and designated “The Lord Warden Lodge”.

Prior to 1932 when there was a general re-numbering of English Lodges, 1096 was the number of “The  Warden Lodge Sutton Coldfield”. Their number is now 794.

After the Consecration Ceremony there were 14 Brethren elected as joining members of the Lodge and the undermentioned were Initiated:

  • John Branfill Harrison. Age 40 Vicar of Walmer (Passed 15th March 1867, Raised 16th April 1867)
  • James Hinton. Age 36 Surgeon, The Barracks Walmer. (Left Walmer on Active Duty, 1867, before further advancement).

The Lodge was to meet on the 1st and 3rd Friday every month.

The members Register notes that all had paid 2/- for Quarterage to Benevolence, and 2/6 for Register Fees and Certificate in the case of Initiates was 17/-.

An Inventory Parchment, now in the Lodge’s possession, lists the Ornaments, Furniture, Jewels, Clothing and other Properties belonging to the Lord Warden Lodge No 1096, to be handed over to the respective Worshipful Master on nights of Installation. (This is now in electronic form).

On the Front of the Inventory were written the names of successive Worshipful Masters from 1866 to 1879.

It has been difficult to locate the Original Lodge building, records show that the public house was called the Royal Standard Hotel, North Barrack Road. The above picture shows part of North Barrack Road, and a possible location for our second meeting place, the Lord Warden Inn 1867