WBro George Goslett PPSGD

Once in a while, a relative contacts the Lodge and says, “My Dad was a mason”, or, My Grandad was in your lodge”.

So, when Christine emailed the Lodge back in 2016, we didn’t know what we were going to find out.

So what do we know?


Picture of George Goslett Past Master of the lodge in his regalia

Who was George Goslett?

George Edward Goslett was born on the 6th March 1879  in Eastry, Deal, Kent

He joined the Royal Marine Light Infantry: Chatham Division Short Service on the 2nd February 1917.

He married Rosetta born on 28th October 1875.

George was initiated into the Lodge in 1906.
as seen from the United Grand Lodge Entry again, below.

George as we can see from the paper cutting below, served the Lord Warden Lodge No 1096 as Treasurer for 25 years.

The achievement was celebrated with a visit from the Worshipful Assistant Provincial Grand Master, WBro Capt Arthur Halsey, CBV R.N.

George was presented with a Grandmother Clock to mark this occasion.

This has been taken from the Centenary Booklet and gives a Masonic history of George.picture taken from the centenary booklet about WBro George Goslett picture taken from the centenary booklet about WBro George Goslett[/caption]

They both lived at 2/4 High Street Deal at the Windsor Castle Hotel, where George was the Licensed Victualler.

Windsor Castle, 6 High Street, Deal - in 1953

Windsor Castle, 6 High Street, Deal – in 1953


Picture of WBro George Goslett in his Provincial Regalia
United Grand Lodge Records Lord Warden Lodge
item taken from the local newspaper about George receiving his grandmother clock for service to the lodge as the Treasurer
In 1936, George along with his wife Rosetta attend the Annual Ladies Night Ball,

It was usual then for the Ladies Nights to be held on a Thursday, something that changed fairly recently, in fact, it was in 1979, when our current father of the Lodge, WBro Ricky Barlow was the Master.

It was during this annual celebration, that Rosetta received a watch from the Lodge, bought from a local jeweller that is still in Deal today.

The watch has been gifted to Deal Museum.

Watch in its box from Simmons Jewellers
cover of the 1936 ladies night programme.
rear of the watch given to Mrs Goslett
The Lodge is extremely grateful for the information that we have received from Christine.