Like so many Freemasons Lodges, the Lord Warden Lodge first met in local public houses, with the landlord of each public house often being a member of the Lodge himself.

1866 – 1867

The first meeting place for members of the Lord Warden Lodge, is recorded as the “Royal Standard Hotel, North Barrack Road, Walmer.

It is hard to pinpoint the exact location of this Public house, as local records do not show the building on any map.



1867 – 1870

The Lodge next moves to the Lord Warden Inn, North Barrack Road, Walmer in 1867. An advert in 1869 mentioned “all that newly built and convenient hotel, three excellent billiards rooms, bar, bar parlour, coffee and sitting rooms, 5 bedrooms, coach house, stable and other conveniences”.

Later, the Billiards Rooms were separated from the main property and became known as the Forresters Hall and later the Ace Ballrooms.

Pictures from by permission of Paul Skelton


The Lodge now moves out of North Barrack Road, to the Leith Estate Offices on the Strand.  Current research is unable to locate this building

1872 – 1880

We have moved back for another period into the Lord Warden Hotel North Barrack Road. This is how the building looks now. Photo coutacy of Google Maps.

1880 – 1894

The next period has been even harder to trace, the Lodge took residance in the following halls.

St Georges Hall, Park Street, Deal.

The Forresters Hall, North Barrack Road, Walmer. (see above)

and back to St Georges Hall, Park Street, Deal.

The map opposite, shows a public house situated in Park Street.

The image is from


Finally we arrive in our current home.

The foundation stones of the Masonic Hall Sondes Road, Deal. were laid on the 10th May 1910 and on the 27th September 1910, an emergency meeting was held under the banner of the Wellington Lodge No. 784, to open the new Temple with their Worshipful Master, WBro Wilfred Court, in the Masters Chair.

Offices filled by the Lord Warden members on that historic occasion were:_

  • Senior Waden WBro R J Carpenter WM 1096
  • Secretary WBro J S Huntly PM & Sec 1096
  • Junior Deacon Bro J Franklin SW 1096
  • Organist WBro J Jefferson Treasurer 1096
  • Asst Organist WBro J W Minter IPM 1096
  • Inner Guard Bro G Goslett JW 1096
  • Stweard Bro W H Wyborn 1096
  • Tyler WBro W Bowles PM 1096