Support For Charities in these difficult times. 

They desperately need our help. 

British Heart Foundation

Seven million people in the UK live with heart and circulatory diseases, and these diseases are responsible for more than quarter of all deaths.

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Support Dogs

Last year our support dogs provided over 600,000 hours of support to their clients


There is a family feeling at the home which makes all the difference.”

Resident at Prince Edward Duke of Kent Court

Hello! We are the Lord Warden Lodge


Charity is one of the defining paths that Freemasons follow through life, the others, Integrity, Friendship and Respect.

As a small Lodge in Deal, Kent, we aim to do our best to meet these paths and challenges.

Over the past years, we have donated over £18,000 to national and more importantly, local charities, here are the latest charities that we have supported and why. 

The British Heart Foundation

In Memory of Bro Peter Thomas

It is always sad when a fellow Brother, Mason, Friend or Colleague passes away, I think this is made harder when the death is very sudden. One moment you are talking to them in the lodge, the next meeting they are not there. 

Peter as a member of the Lord Warden Lodge, was making his way within the lodge to the honoured position of Worshipful Master, an office that is a privilege for each member to achieve. 

Peter passed away suddenly on the 29th of October 2021 from a Heart Attack. 
The Lodge has made a donation to the British Heart Foundation in his memory. 

Rest in Peace Brother Peter. 



Support Dogs

What they do

Support Dogs (registered charity number 1088281) is a national charity dedicated to increasing independence and quality of life for people with various medical conditions. We provide, train and support specialist assistance dogs to achieve this.

We specialise in three specific programmes:

  • Autism assistance dogs for children with autism. The dogs are trained to provide safety for the child and reduce stress in social environments. 
  • Seizure alert dogs for people with epilepsy. Our dogs are trained to provide a 100% reliable, up to 50 minute warning prior to the onset of an epileptic seizure. This enables the client to find safety and be in control over their seizure, allowing a much more independent life. 
  • Disability assistance dogs for people with physical disabilities. The client’s own pet dog is trained to perform tasks which are specifically tailored to their individual needs, providing them with greater independence and safety. 



Established in 1992, Support Dogs works across England, Scotland and Wales and provides all it services entirely free of charge to those in need of them.  However, the charity relies solely on voluntary donations and receives no government funding.

The Lodge and members are impressed with the work that this charity does, and were 100% in favour of supporting them this year. 

The Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution

 RMBI Care Co. 

The Grand Lodge started the Royal Masonic Benevolent Annuity Fund for men in 1842 and for females in 1849.

In 1850, the first Home was opened in East Croydon and the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution (RMBI) was established.

The Home remained in Croydon for over 100 years until 1955 when it was transferred to Harewood Court in Hove after identifying the need for bigger premises.

Today, RMBI Care Co. has 18 care homes in England and Wales and supports older Freemasons, their families and people in the wider community with residential care, nursing and dementia support.

The lodge is pleased to once again support this very worthwhile charity. We are one of the Patrons on the RMBI. 



If you or your charity need our help, please get in touch via our contact us page.

If you would like to know more about our lodge, or indeed join us. Then the same applies. All you have to do is JUST ASK!